Noam Chomsky Dissects the World Trade Organisation


Published on Jan 4, 2013

“Corporations have more rights than you or I” Noam Chomsky

“Human Rights are marginalized” Noam Chomsky

Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement (TRIPs): agreement imposes 20-year monopoly protection on patents developed mainly by the world’s largest agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and genetic engineering concerns.

With Trade Rights in Intellectual Property (TRIP), an offensive has been launched not to reinforce competition, but on the contrary, to strengthen the power of technological monopolies—at the expense, of course, of developing countries for whom the possibility of acquiring the technology they need in order to progress becomes even more uncertain. Will the ëtrade secrets’ that GATT-WTO wants to include under this category bring us back to the mercantilist monopoly practices of 300 years ago? Even the language used to discuss the topic is not neutral. We no longer speak of knowledge as the common property of humanity, but rather of ëpiracy’ when someone tries to acquire it! This policy sometimes verges on the obscene: GATT-WTO, for instance, wants to forbid Third World manufacture of inexpensive pharmaceutical products, which are of vital importance, in order to protect massive profits of monopolies in this sector. Writes Samir Amin ( Egyptian Marxian economist)

The Passion for Free Markets by Noam Chomsky, Z Magazine, May, 1997–.htm

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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