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Will Steffen: The great challenges of the 21st century

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Elinor Ostrom on resilient social-ecological systems

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Elinor Ostrom on resilient social-ecological systems – Stockholm Resilience Centre


Elinor Ostrom on resilient social-ecological systems

Professor Elinor Ostrom held on 29 May 2007 the seminar “Resilient Social-Ecological Systems: How Do We Achieve Them?”

Given rapid changes in large-scale human and biophysical processes — carbon emissions, population increase and migrations, over-harvesting and pollution leading to loss of species — many scientists are worried that many of the social-ecological systems existing today may collapse by the end of the 21st century. Is this an exaggerated worry?

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Steve Lansing on Neutral Theory

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Arab Elites Defend Economic Models that Gave Rise to Arab Spring, but Made Them Rich

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Newsdesk Live: Why are we running out of effective antibiotics?

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Monsanto – Kolibri ByKolibri Kolibri

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Independent Lens | The Revisionaries


Paul R. Ehrlich: a wisdom seminar

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Terry Hughes on gilded traps, phase-shifts and fisheries

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