Bill C 257- Is a Only a Small Win. WE MUST BAN GMO’s!


Published on Dec 17, 2012

new bill (Bill C-257) has been introduced by the NDP-Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC’s Southern Interior and the Agriculture Critic.

Genetically modifying has gotten completely out of control! There are companies that GM stingrays to make personalized shoes out of, in Korea they cloned GM cats that glow in the dark and there is even GM salmon for eating consumption.

In all I agree we need to label GMO foods because it is vital to us to maintain optimal health but it is a small win. We have to BAN GMO’s all together! We should not just settle for ‘labelling’ them.

A World According to Monsanto:

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics
Food-Matters http://Food-Matters.TV

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