Planet Earth We Have A Problem : Part 2


Uploaded on May 19, 2009

David Wasdell is possibly the foremost climate systems analyst on Earth: he tells it like it is, because he sees no reason to lie. When he talks, you listen, because failure to listen to his unique brand of unfiltered, unpoliticized, science-based analysis is failure to listen to the voice of reason.

He says we have to go into a period of negative radiative forcing (global heating energy) merely to end up with a stable, non-catastrophic climate system, “thats the overall strategy. It is not, of course, the strategy being addressed by the IPCC…they are addressing a climate agenda that is way out of date from the reality of the system as we know it today.”

Wasdell is an angry man. He has stared into the abyss, time and time again, and realised that we are acting like spoilt children in a party where there is nothing but cake and chocolate laced with cyanide: spoilt children who will kill themselves in search of a toxic dream.

David’s web site is :

You can find more information about the Apollo-Gaia Project at

For some truly radical solutions, go to

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Cyprus International Institute (CII) (Harvard School of Public Health)

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