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Special Note: Talks from TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” 2012 are now online – watch them today!

Welcome to The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming. We work to shift the U.S. food supply to regional sustainable by raising public awareness through special projects and events, and through partnering with select groups to develop strategic marketing initiatives.

Simply put, we create special projects and events to raise public awareness about sustainable food and farming. Our first project is TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat”, which has taken place twice – on February 12, 2011 and January 21, 2012. The third TEDxManhattan will be held in February 2013 in New York City. You can find more information at

The Glynwood Institute also works with other programs to enhance their marketing efforts. The Institute is working with parent organization Glynwood on their Keep Farming® program in an effort to replicate the program nationally. The Institute has also worked with the city of Louisville, Kentucky, to help it become a sustainable food city.

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics
Food-Matters http://Food-Matters.TV

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