Climate Change Debate – It’s All About Money

Published on Nov 3, 2012 by TheYoungTurks

“PBS FRONTLINE’s “Climate of Doubt,” an investigation of the global warming disinformation campaign and its sources of support, aired on October 23 and featured a number of prominent faces that will be familiar to readers of Climate Science Watch. And there are some newer players, hiding the anonymous funders who stand behind the denialist political operatives and court jesters. Sen. John Kerry said on the program, “American politics is being completely defined by huge sums of money. … And it has now made many people in public life very gunshy because they are afraid of having those amounts of money spent against them.”

The state of climate change is dramatically different now than just four short years ago.

Today, President Obama and GOP hopeful Governor Romney go to great lengths to avoid talking about climate change. Today, for the first time in nearly 25 years neither candidate touched on climate change in any of the three Presidential debates. Today, extreme weather bombards the United States and the Arctic has experienced an unprecedented low in sea ice coverage. Today, the scientists studying climate change, the most unbiased of all parties involved, are being attacked on all sides by right-wing organizations.”* Cenk Uygur has a lot to say not only on the topic of climate change’s so-called debate, but the nature of money buying elections and propagating lobbied-for special interests. In the end, money is the driving force of politics. And it absolutely shouldn’t be.

Visit for more info on Cenk Uygur’s Wolf PAC and to help end the corporate takeover of our government.

*Read more from Jordan Nichols/ Climate Science Watch:…

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