The Wrath Of Sandy
The Wrath Of Sandy
The wrath of Hurricane Sandy. We’ll track the damage and ask if we’ve learned how to respond to big storms.
It was a made-for-Hollywood storm set-up. “Super storm” Sandy. Thousand-mile wing-span. Bulls-eye: New York City. And then it came. Subways, tunnels, flooded. Wall Street, underwater. A crane down on a billion-dollar high-rise. Whole blocks on fire.
And out to sea, even the HMS Bounty replica, a three-master, went to the bottom. Sandy’s no movie. The impact is real. And it keeps us wondering if we’re up to the parade of wild weather. What we’re learning from it. If we’re causing it.
This hour, On Point: we are sizing up the superstorm, Sandy.
-Tom Ashbrook
James Barron, reporter for the New York Times.
Frank Marks, director of the Hurricane Research Division at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Marla Marcum, director of programs for the Better Future Project, a grassroots climate change group.
Noël Perry, managing director and senior consultant at Freight Transportation Research Associates.
Sam Brothwell, senior utilities analyst for Bloomberg Industries…..(more).

Cambridge Climate Research Associates
http://Climate-Research.Com http://Climate-Research.TV
Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics


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