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Pesticides Threaten Thailand’s Reputation as Food Exporter

Published on Oct 3, 2012 by VOAvideo

Thailand has long been recognized as a leading exporter of rice and other agricultural produce. But tests for pesticide residues are raising concerns about whether the food is safe. Steve Sandford reports from Sanpatong, Thailand.

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The Green Economy of Pittsburgh

Published on Oct 3, 2012 by greenforall

The Pittsburgh region, a former industrial center, has transformed into a region of innovation with a thriving green economy. In this video, we hear the story of this transformation through the eyes of workers, politicians, and those leading initiatives that are creating a healthy, prosperous, and inclusive green economy. Learn about the green infrastructure, workforce development, land use, and ReEnergize initiatives that help accomplish these goals. More information at gtechstrategies.org or at reenergizepgh.org.

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Off the Grid – Documentary 2012 Dutch

Published on Jun 18, 2012 by Gozo Green Coop

2012 Documentary by Alexander Oey

Alexander Oey traveled throughout the United States and filmed communities who are taking matters into their own hands. 50 of the 46 U.S. states are nearly bankrupt. Over 13 million Americans are unemployed. More than 49 million people live below the poverty line.

How was it able to come that far? People seek for their own Utopia outside the financial system and government. Are these communities the right path and solution? Has they found effective alternatives, while governments worldwide are heading to bankruptcy?

On http://www.gozogreencoop.net/page22.html you will find the causes of the crises.

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The Billionaires’ Tea Party (Full Length Documentary)

Published on Aug 19, 2012 by swrose24

Full length version of the 2011 documentary film “The Billionaires’ Tea Party”.

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Woody Harrelson Presents: Ethos (2011, Director Pete McGain)


Published on Aug 17, 2012 by HaroldRoberts

Film: Ethos, 2011
Full Length Documentary Directed By Pete McGain

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BBC News – Nigeria floods bring crocodiles and hippos into homes

3 October 2012 Last updated at 09:53 ET
Nigeria floods bring crocodiles and hippos into homes
Houses submerged in floodwaters in Idah, in Nigeria’s central state of Kogi, 27 September 2012 Flooding has forced hundreds of thousands of Nigerians from their homes
Dangerous animals, including crocodiles, snakes and hippos, have found their way into homes and communities in central Nigeria after devastating flooding, residents say.
The creatures were carried along flood-swollen rivers, say the authorities.
“There is now a hippopotamus in [my] house,” Benue state resident Wuese Jirake told the BBC. “I hope that when it is tired, it may leave my home.”
Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the flooding.
Hundreds also died in the worst flooding in decades.
Vast tracts of farmland have been completely destroyed.
‘Hope it will leave’
Mr Jirake told the BBC he had returned to his home to find it occupied by the hippo…..(more).

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Deceptions – the movie


Uploaded by deceptionsUSA on Jan 27, 2011


Deceptions is a 58 minute journey of discovery I made while preparing for a presentation on Brain Injury. I know how important awareness, choice and consequence is in the recovery of brain function yet I discovered that much of the world is engaged in the exact opposite. They were being programmed to deny what they have seen what they have read and what they have heard. They were not to be critical thinkers and reasoning human beings because if they were they would readily see that that constant war, the destruction of the constitution, constant fear, loss of freedom and economic collapse would not be the choice of any rational person. Welcome to a New World Order where being managed has become being human.

In less than an hour I take another quick look at the facts of 9/11, the Bush years and Obama’s deceptions to a realization that there is a higher elite pulling the strings, an ultra elite that is all about wealth management beyond levels imaginable by 99.9% of humanity. An elite that controls everything and any hope for the masses lies in their ability to reclaim their power of reasoning stop believing what they are told and discover for themselves what is true for them. This is the hope and Egypt is a good example of the people realizing that corruption and suppression at some point must end.

Watch the entire film on line at deceptionsUSA.com

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Jesus Camp

Uploaded by Richard Bakare on Aug 21, 2007

Trailer for Jesus Camp Movie

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US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic

Uploaded by greenman3610 on Mar 5, 2011

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Admiral David Titley is the Chief Oceanographer and Navigator of the US Navy.
A Phd, he describes himself as a former climate skeptic who has been convinced by the evidence that this is the greatest challenge of the 21st century.

Education includes a B.S. in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University, a M.S. in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography and Ph.D. in Meteorology, both from the Naval Postgraduate School. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI on Foreign Politics, International Relations and National Interest, and is a fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

In 2009, Titley assumed duties as oceanographer and navigator of the Navy and director, Task Force Climate Change.

Role of Navy Oceanography


Explaining Climate Change to the Military

Navy Climate Change Strategy

complete Tedx Pentagon video

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Rear Admiral David Titley, USN – Climate Change and National Security


TEDxTalks on Jan 24, 2011

Oceanographer for the U.S. Navy, RADM David Titley discusses the hot topic of climate change, and its impending ramifications on national security. Listen as he details some of the top facts and figures you should know about climate change and your future, explained in terms that even the most unfamiliar with science would be able to understand.

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