Upward Mobility In America Now

September 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Upward Mobility In America Now
Stuck in America. Upward mobility—the American Dream—is at an all time low. We look at what’s happened to the ladder.
New census report out this month on Americans and money. The income gap grows again. The big majority of Americans see no gains in a pale recovery. Median household income, down 8 percent from 2007. Middle class, falling. The poor, going nowhere.
Only the well-to-do on the rise. Economic mobility – “movin’ on up” – is at the heart of the American narrative. Now, a lot of Americans are going nowhere, or down. Who is moving? And who’s not? And what will it take the move the country again?
This hour, On Point: going somewhere, going nowhere, in America.

Environmental Justice http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre145
Environment Ethics http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre120


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