Big Changes In Higher Ed

Big Changes In Higher Ed
Universities are scrambling to get out front of the Internet and revolutionary change in higher education.
The old saw goes that things that can’t last don’t last. Traditional American colleges and universities may be in that category right now. They cost too much. Young Americans are graduating with punishing debt. And the Internet is offering a big alternative.
The superhot phrase of the academic season is MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. Top schools are racing to offer them. Sign up, dive in, learn – from anywhere. Goodbye campus and quad. Maybe. How will this really work?
This hour, On Point: a college system at the breaking point meets the Internet revolution.
-Tom Ashbrook
Jeff Selingo, editor-at-large at the Chronicle of Higher Education.
John Mitchell, Stanford University’s vice provost.
Mark Taylor, chair of the religion department at Columbia University. You can read his provocative op-ed on the future of higher ed here.

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