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Is America better off than 30 yrs ago when the Reaganomics experiment started? B


Senator Durbin: If You’re Embarrassed by ALEC, Then Distance Yourself

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Harvard: Hotbed of Kleptocracy?

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UN Fears Looming Global Food Crisis

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Political Party Time: Corporations, Donors With Billions at Stake Fund Lavish Events at DNC


At GOP Fundraiser With Billionaires Karl Rove Maps 2012 Strategy, Jokes of Todd Akin Murder


“Fishermen”- Scott Brown

Published on Aug 25, 2012 by scottbrownma

Scott Brown’s latest “From The Road” ad takes him to Gloucester to talk about the “proud fishing tradition” in Massachusetts, and his fight to protect our fishermen from burdensome policies in Washington.

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4th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Thursday, October 4, 2012, 8am – 4pm

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Obama and Romney on climate change science By Jason Samenow, Published: SEPTEMBER 04, 3:31 PM ET


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IFG Programs: Wealth and Power

As IFG intensifies its “inside” work to change institutions, we will also support “outside” efforts to build power of peoples’ movements. Increasingly few, stupendously wealthy plutocrats have lately made enormous strides toward dominating global governance, finance and national democracies, while actively undermining traditional democratic expressions, such as collective bargaining rights, clean air protections, and services for social safety nets. The wealth of these individuals is so great that we begin to see a kind of global “neo-feudalism” evolving, where they themselves become the pivotal arbiters and factors shaping economies, politics, media, and many other elements of once democratic systems.

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