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FAIR TV August 31, 2012

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Paul Ryan, Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin RNC and NPR Truth-Telling

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For Brokaw, It Doesn’t Get Better Than Global Warming Denial | FAIR Blog
For Brokaw, It Doesn’t Get Better Than Global Warming Denial
Posted on 08/31/2012 by Jim Naureckas
NBC’s Tom Brokaw from the Republican National Convention last night (8/30/12):
Tom Brokaw

The best line, I think, in the speech was the one in which he said: “President Obama wants to slow the growth of the oceans, I want to help you and your family.”

Yeah, wasn’t that great when Romney pretended we weren’t facing an ongoing global catastrophe, and made fun of people who thought we should do something about it? How can you top that?

Environment Ethics

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